Major rules for water hygiene in the camper

A regular tank cleaning drinking water and sewage systems is mandatory for every camper – just so the entrained (fresh) water remains hygienic. Although this task sounds complicated, it should give you no worries. With a few simple measures you can avoid pollution and lack of water hygiene in the motorhome.

Keep large amounts of water in the water system for the motorhome to be fresh.

The water in the RV comes in various places for use. It is used for drinking and cooking water and is used for the cleaning of sanitary facilities. Through the use of different types of waste water is produced, which supports such as the fresh water in a tank. Accordingly, you have to deal with large amounts of water and this, or treat the tanks, in the right way. The problem is that contaminants are not usually visible. Moreover, tanks and water pipes are often difficult to access. The water hygiene covers the entire water system, ie tanks, pipes, pumps, boilers and fittings.

The possible types of pollution

In fresh water tank from the RV to sit easily from algae. Other risks for the fresh water can be caused by pathogens such as fungi, accumulations of germs, bacteria or viruses. With the inclusion of these pathogens in drinking water can cause serious health problems in addition to the deterioration of taste and want. The decoction of fresh water does not provide adequate alternative protection.

In contrast, waste water tank slime and lime scale for bad odors care and promote the emergence and spread of germs. Remains the water in winter in a caravan, it can at temperature drops causing frost damage in the water tank. With a thorough tank cleaning and some protective measures to avoid them hygiene problems in your motorhome.

Useful apps for camping holiday

Camping and smartphone are two concepts that do not quite fit together at first listen. While the pleasures of a simple and uncomplicated way of life are at the forefront when camping, the smart phone is the epitome of the ongoing technical development. But proven different, are specially developed for this purpose apps that campers can benefit enormously from the achievements of modern technology while vacationing.
Campsite Finder, Pack Wizard, culture tips and unknown places – these apps are particularly suitable for camping holidays.

The Guide of Camping Cheque would be useful during a trip with the camper suitable for your individual purposes. The application contains the addresses of the 600 most beautiful campsites in Europe and provides extensive information on price, catering facilities, leisure facilities and opening times. Due to the numerous photos, you can get the app in advance a visual impression of the campsite of your choice. The application is perfect for a holiday with the camper or caravan and offers on your travels a great deal of flexibility. A bonus: Once the app is downloaded, it can also be used offline. Champing checks is available for the operating systems Android and iOS and it is free to download.

The Top 100 Attractions in Germany offer interesting cultural tips for camping holidays

If you want to enrich your camping holidays with cultural highlights, download the Smartphone app Top 100 – it recommends you provide a detailed description of the 100 most popular cultural attractions in Germany. The list is based on one of the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) conducted a survey of more than 15,000 tourists. As a special bonus offers application mobile discount coupons through which you receive discounts on entrance fees, city tours and car hire. “Top 100” is available for the operating systems Android and iOS.

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